Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Our New Website!

You’ve made it! So while you are here, take a few minutes to check out our new site! We have been working hard at putting together our new website where you (and others) can connect with us, our ministry and all we are doing. We started the site to help us connect with you and you connect with us. With all we are involved with we wanted to create a “hub.” Consider the site the “hub” for our ministry as the Horn family (our church website will be rolling out in the fall as well so stay tuned for that site to come). You can find out more about us, listen to our most recent teachings, read quarterly ministry updates in the blog, see other blog posts and be able to partner with us through prayer, giving and service.

One way to partner with our ministry is by checking out our site, engaging the content and sharing the content with others. This helps us share our vision, passion and find future partners in ministry as we go forward; especially as we start our church plant. The BEST way for you to keep updated with our ministry moving forward will be subscribing at the bottom of our new site where it says “Subscribe to our Blog” by entering your email. This will ensure you get the regular updates we have been sending out previously via mailchimp. We invite you to join the adventure with us! #HornAdventures.


The Interns

Last month we launched an internship for our church plant with our first two summer interns! Jaelin & Reese are two guys that I (Trevor) mentored when they are in high school who now are in college and eventually want to be pastors. One of them reached out a few months ago saying “I believe in what you’re doing and I would love to be a part of what you’re doing!” With this we built a plan and now they are interning with us through the end of July. Hilary and I are so EXCITED to have these two students helping out and to be able to provide an opportunity for them to discover and learn all there is to being a pastor and church planter. Ultimately our goal in church planting is to make disciples and this internship is a part of the leadership pipeline we are building in Seattle to send out leaders all over the world. We have loved having them and they have been such gifts to us this summer!


 Summer Church Planting

This summer we are shifting from a weekly group to monthly gatherings at our home. We will be BBQ’ing, playing games, sitting next to the fire pit while making s’mores and whatever other fun things we can come up with. If you’re in the area we will be meeting on Sunday nights @ 6 PM: June 25th, July 23rd and August 27th leading to our first church gathering on October 8th. We would love to have you join us! Stay tuned for more details about our gathering starting in the fall and launch of our church website.



Giving Change 

With our new website shift we are also shifting the medium that we are running our financial support through. Our new giving platform will be through PushPay and you can find all of the information at the “Partner” page on our new site. Pushpay is a much more efficient and effective platform that many churches and ministries are switching too these days. 
All of the money goes to us and our church plant in Seattle. Thank you for your partnership!


Prayer Requests

  • Pregnancy – Pray for Hilary and our little growing baby boy. She is 31 weeks pregnant and our little guy is due August 6th. Prayers for the health of Hilary and the baby as this last trimester moves forward. If you want to get a sneak peak of his name, don’t forget to stop by our “About” Page!
  • Relationships this Summer – Pray for relationship building this summer; especially through our summer monthly gatherings at our home. Pray for our church plant to grow deep and wide in relationship.
  • Systems Shifts – Pray for our new site, giving platform and that these transitions would run smoothly. I know it is a funny prayer as systems aren’t the first prayer requests we think of but we are making several significant changes which we hope to go smoothly.
  • Spirit Empowering – Pray that the Spirit would fill and empower us for ministry this summer. We are in a very busy summer up to when the new baby comes with building relationships, new systems, school, finishing our residency, weddings and all sorts of other stuff.


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