Spring 2017 News Letter

Spring 2017 News Letter

Our BOYS are Growing Up!

On March 28th our little guy, Ephraim, officially turned ONE! Here are some pictures from Ephraim’s big day as we celebrated with friends and family:

We also found out that we are pregnant with another BOY who is due in August!!! Our little family is growing into a house full of boys! We are thrilled!

YWAM Teaching

“That is dope (means very good for our older audience 🙂 )!” said one of the girls in our class after finishing up tying the week together with the image below. This image represents months of preparation and a full week of teaching from Hilary and I about the mission of the church at the YWAM LA base. We had 30 people in our class from 11 countries over 1 week to prepare the students as they were about to head out for outreach.  We focused the week on the mission of the church but from a different perspective. Too often when we study the bible we focus on a few verses versus getting the whole picture of this grand encompassing narrative. So this is what we embarked on a journey to teach the mission of the church by following the storyline of the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. This includes bringing it all together by visualizing the plot in the picture above.

Once we finished the whole narrative we shifted from the story to our story because we really believe that each of us find our story within the story of the scriptures which compels us to live the mission now. We called the class to give up their lives to God’s mission and to dedicate the next two years somewhere specifically focused on the mission that each of us have as followers of Jesus.

We also were so thrilled to be able to spend time with our friends Javie & Christie Lopez and see what more of their day to day life is like at YWAM LA as missional leaders

DeRosa Baptism & Wedding

Right after we finished teaching at YWAM LA we flew north to Sacramento to take part in our friend’s Dan & Lisa DeRosa’s special weekend. Trevor has known Dan since his college ministry days as Dan committed his life to Christ while at UPS and Trevor got to be one of the first people to disciple Dan. This weekend was the culmination of years in the making as Trevor got to baptize Dan before his friends and family in a pool in his parents backyard the day before his wedding.

The next day (on Sunday) we got to take part in Dan & Lisa’s wedding as well. Trevor had the privilege to officiate the wedding and I (Hilary) got to do the wedding pictures and shoot the wedding. We are like the best wedding combo over! Wedding’s are always a special time but this was even more so special because of our relationship with the couple. They are going to be moving up in a few months to partner with us to plant the church so it was fun to take part in the day of close friends and partners in life.

As of a month ago, our first group in our living room began! Group began with a group of 6 of us studying the word, sharing life together and serving our community. It is an exciting time as we build relationships and foster this young church plant from inception. The best way I can explain our current spot is with the example of pregnancy. Our church plant is right at the inception in pregnancy which comes with all the fresh hopes & aspirations of what your child could become but also fears as you pray for the development of your new little one. Each week our group grows and we see the identity of this baby in the womb become clearer. Prayers appreciated for these early days in planting!

Group Starts

This month we also got to pray out and send our first church member! One of my (Trevor’s) best friends (seen in the picture below) and I have been praying and meeting in Seattle for 8 months and he was a part of the first few weeks of our young group. Evan is heading to basic training which is exciting for him but hard for us as we lose a committed friend and team member within the 1st 3 weeks of group. On his last night at group we got to lay hands on him, pray for him and share words with him to commission him out. Even when it hurts and feels like we want to hold on to people we are committed to commissioning out and sending people all over the world into every sphere of life to see the Gospel move forward. It was an incredible night of culture setting as we committed ourselves to being a sending group at every level of church.


Ways You Can Be Praying for Us!

Baby 2 – Please pray for our brewing little one’s strength, healthy development and growth.
Health – It seems our household has been cycling colds. Please pray for all of us as we are battling the end of colds and ear infections!
Home Group – Please pray for the start of our home group! For more people to join and for growth as a community as we learn how to follow the Way.
Church Plant – For Jesus to lead the way, bring in new believers and make more disciples!
Let us know how we can be praying for you!
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