Partner With Us


Your prayers would be greatly appreciated! We believe prayer is powerful and works so we invite you to partner with us in prayer on a regular basis. Below is a short list of things you could be praying for us. Quarterly we send out a newsletter that gives regular updates on our ministry and specific prayer requests. Subscribe below to receive these updates.

  • More of Jesus – Pray we would continue to know Jesus intimately and make him known!
  • Marriage & Family – Pray for our growing family! Pray that we would continue to foster a strong marriage and for our two little boys (Ephraim & Abram) to grow into big strong men.
  • Church Planting – Pray for our church plant and this fresh work in Seattle. Pray we would be connect with believers and non-believers to see a new, sustainable work be built up in the city.

We live off of the financial partnership of others as we establish our church plant. Your partnership in this way would be greatly appreciated as we raise support for this new endeavor. The money you give is tax-deductible. At Kardia we email out yearly giving statements.

You can give to this new work in our church plant here:


We invite you to join the adventure with us! This can look a lot of different ways but we invite you personally to find a way to partner with us. Whatever it is we invite YOU to partner with us as we go all over the world to share the message of God’s goodness and grace. Here are a few examples of how you could partner with us:

  • Moving to Seattle to help us start the church plant
  • Inviting us to speak at your local church to teach & share what God’s put on our hearts
  • Subscribing to our regular updates on this site.
  • Listening and sharing the resources we put out here on the site.