2017 Year In Review

2017 Year In Review

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours!

2017 was a year of beginning to see God’s promises come to fruition in our family and church plant. This included:

Launching our 1st corporate gathering and averaging 42 people per gathering.

Launching 5 groups with 37 total people involved in groups.

Seeing lives transformed as we had our first 3 people baptized in our church plant!

Adding 1 new baby (Abram) to our family weighing in at a solid 8 lbs.

Trevor making it through 89% of seminary and is graduating in the Spring!

Top Stories of 2017

KARDIA’S FIRST GATHERING. Kardia Church officially launched our first corporate gathering Sunday, October 8th at 7 PM with a group of 50+ people cultivating hearts through worship and teaching. It was an incredible night as people from throughout the city came together to start this new faith community in Ballard. Overall we cannot say enough about this night and wanted give a special THANK YOU to all of our team, friends of Kardia and our supporting churches who have helped get us here. You can check out more about where we are going with Kardia here and stay up-to-date by engaging with our website and social media.


ABRAM LYNN. Names have power. There is something to a name that gets to the core of who we are. A name comes loaded with meaning, history and the bestowers hopes for who they are naming. Hilary and I have worked hard to pray, seek the Lord and discern the naming of our little ones. Abram Lynn made his debut to the world this past summer on August 6th. His name holds deep meaning to us and our family. In the Bible, Abram/Abraham’s legacy is one of the greats of our faith. His middle name, Lynn, was Trevor’s late father’s first name who was one of Trevor’s greatest inspirations.

We do not know what the future holds for little Abram Lynn but one thing we do know is that he carries the name and legacy of two great men who paved the way for many. Our prayer is that all of his days he would carry these names as a part of his identity and that he would even become half the men these two were….because even that would mean he turned out a great man. You can read more here about this story.

TOP TEACHINGS FROM THIS YEAR. This year we were able to continue getting to speak, teach and share in many schools, churches and parachurches. This included our first series at Kardia, Habits of the Heart, which was all about the question: who are we becoming? All of us are becoming something day-in and day-out whether through intentional or unintentional formation. We have been exploring the ancient yet extremely relevant words from the prophet Ezekiel who looked forward to a day when people would be given new hearts to enable a new set of habits. If you want to keep up with our most recent teachings you can see them at our teaching page on trevorandhilary.com/teaching or thekardia.com/teaching.



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Sending lots of love your way,

Trevor, Hilary, Ephraim & Abram


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