2016 Year In Review

2016 Year In Review

2016 – A year full of risk, new life and a place to call home.

3,005 people we got to teach, tell our vision and share the gospel with.

God provided a 100% increase in our financial giving for the year enabling us to move to Seattle!

Over 4 ½ months in Seattle we have had 430 people around our table averaging 24 people a week. We are in a highly relational phase as we gather people in community.

Our little guy gained 10 lbs 3 oz and went through 2,026 diapers over 9 months!

Trevor has made it through 50% of seminary.


NEW FRIENDS . Our life has been jampacked full of new relationships in Seattle. I (Trevor) was at a coffee shop near our home recently when the person next to me accidently knocked his coffee cup over. I helped him clean up the coffee and eventually asked if I could buy him another coffee. At first he had a perplexed look on his face but this led to us getting into an hour long conversation.

Eventually the topic of the election came up which always leads to an interesting conversation in the polarizing time we find ourselves in. I simply would say to him, “No matter who is in office, Jesus is in control.” He would shake his head, and earnestly say, “I hope so.” He had no prior spiritual background but was looking for hope that I was able to share.

By the end of our conversation he express one of the top compliments I have gotten in 2016. He sincerely said, “I have never heard someone talk about religion the way you did today.” Right in front of me I was seeing someone with no faith background opening themselves to the way of Jesus. All that has happened in our ministry has come as we have decided to go where God directs. We are finding that you won’t know if you don’t go. 2016 was a year of us committing ourselves to go wherever God has called!

OUR NEW HOME . Many of you know that we moved in August to our current home in Seattle. We love our home and here is part of the story from earlier in the year on how we got here:

It all started with a call. In early July, Tom and Christine Sine contacted us about an opening in their home in the Green Lake area. We had never met them before but a friend of ours lived in their basement and would tell them our story. They would tell us about their old craftsman style home which was an intergenerational home. The upstairs is a 3-bedroom, one bathroom with it’s own kitchen, living room and entrance. When we got to see the space, it was a gorgeous and we could easily foresee raising a flock of kiddos, sleeping in on Saturday mornings, learning the art of gardening in the bountiful greens and laughing with many friends around our table. This was the place we had dreamed about.

The call of God that has been our north star in the darkest of days over that last two years. We are reminded of a quote a friend and mentor has reminded us, “Don’t forget in the darkness what you learned in the light.” It is easy to lose sight of God’s call when times are difficult. Yet we know God’s calling still stands. Faith is often about taking big risks and being utterly dependent upon God. We know that we are still only at the beginning of this journey to plant a church in Seattle but we know that it is a huge step nonetheless that we are resting in as we get settled in our new home. Our journey all started with a call and continues as we seek to see this call fully come to fruition.

THE POWER OF A NAME . Ephraim has totally changed our lives! Names carry meaning. They are inevitably connected to our identity becoming a part of the fabric of who we are. As we prayed for our little boy we searched for a name that would fit who God was creating him to be. We believe we found this in Ephraim William.

Ephraim (eff•rum) means fruitful. Ephraim is a biblical character, tribe and place During a class in seminary, my professor said Ephraim and right away Hilary perked up. We both looked at each other, sensing that if we had a son we would name him Ephraim because of the deep biblical meaning of fruitfulness.

William is our family name meaning warrior or determined protector. Ephraim is the 5th generation of Horn men to have William as their middle name. Our little warrior has had quite the journey in the womb and making it home! Already we have seen his name match his first week on earth and we see it as he continues to grow from baby to glimpses of a boy.

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